3 bhk or 2bhk – The smart choice

3 bhk or 2bhk – The smart choice
June 20, 2019 | Construction Consultant

Are you on a hunt for a house to transform it to your home? Are you stuck on the ‘2bhk or 3bhk’ home dilemma? You are not alone. Deciding on buying a home is a big deal in itself and the process is stressful for most home seekers. The looming puzzle whether to buy a small place at a low budget or a bigger place by shelling out a couple more bucks has us in a frenzy. If you need a little help to weigh in the factors, we are here to help you with the significant elements that you need to look into while making the right decision.

Space matters

First and foremost, why do we buy a home? We do so to primarily accommodate the family with comfort and ease. Thus it is a good reason to keep that as priority one. The number of members in your family counts, plus if you need to accommodate guests occasionally, that also has to be held in mind. The world is boiling down to nuclear families that have brought in a rising demand for 2BHK and 3 BHK homes. If you have a family of 4, 2BHK looks like a compact option. But if you have a larger family, 3 BHK is imperative or else it becomes a big rush as the kids grow up. In both cases, 3 BHK would be the winning choice, since an extra room always comes handy when you have guests coming in or even when grandparents and other family members visit.


Once we have the space issue thought over, the next important factor is the cost of the place. It is obvious that 2BHK homes will cost lower than its counterpart, but the question is, is the price of each justified? The cost difference isn’t so much. Assuming a 2BHK costs 50 lakhs, a 3 BHK might cost you around 70 lakhs. The difference can pay off for the space that you gain. You can opt for home loans if you think you can manage since the amount isn’t a big difference from that you would be spending on a 2BHK.

Home loans

We are blessed to be living in times when home loans are great deals for those looking to buy a home. With home loan rates starting from 8.65%, it is a very viable option. Choosing the kind of loan will depend on the size of the home that you have in mind. If you feel confident of repaying the amount within the stipulated time, you can choose the cozier option of a 3 BHK as that will be a solid investment. If the repayment and loan rates are hard to catch up with, a 2 BHK would be ideal. It also depends on the locality and the facilities that you seek for your home. It is now easy to apply for home loans, with the documents required being only your proof of identity, bank details and statement for the past months, and a couple of other essential information. Banks offer a number of schemes for home loans for you to choose from, in accordance with your budget and need.


Buying property can be for different reasons, you might want to house your family or buy it as an investment to reap benefits in the future. You can buy a home now at a lower price and let capital appreciation work for a couple of years and sell it at an elevated rate. You can lease or rent out the place to get a steady income out of your investment while the property is still safe in your hands. Although 3 BHK homes do okay in the market, as an investment choice, 2BHK is the preferred property since there are more people in need of smaller homes. Youngsters and working couples form the majority of folks looking for a place to rent. It makes more sense for people to live in a compact space like a 2 BHK than 3 BHK apartments that they don’t own.

Future prospects

Always think about the future of your property before you jump in to make a purchase. You need to look into the resale value for the property. A 2 BHK home is easier to sell in a city area since there is a large population on the lookout for smaller places to invest in. A 3 BHK, however, can earn you a higher price tag on sale, and appreciation over the years can boost the value of the place many times.


When you buy your first home, you may not pay much attention to the paperwork. The papers and documentation are very much the same for 2 BHK and 3 BHK with only minor differences. The title deed or absolute sale deed is the most important document, and is the record of transfer of ownership to you. This document is registered at the sub registrar’s office of the region where your property is located.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your convenience. If you are looking to buy a place in a metro city, 2BHK will be an ideal choice as it is cost effective and accessible to all places of business as well as your office. A 3 BHK should be thought as essential only if you have a large family, or have guests coming in frequently. It is also a luxury if you want some space for your own, like a study. If your dilemma is the resale value, a 3BHK would be an ideal choice because it reaps higher benefits as years pass by.

In conclusion, choosing between a 2 BHK and 3 BHK should boil down to the space you need and the amount you are ready to shell in. You should know that you are making an investment, so set aside the thoughts of saving a couple of bucks temporarily, and choose wisely.

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