5 Tips For Buying A Flat In Kochi

5 Tips For Buying A Flat In Kochi
May 10, 2018 | Construction

Buying a new home can be an exciting as well as challenging task. The thought of getting a new home for your family members can fill you up with happiness and excitement. However, it is also important to be highly alert and careful before signing the agreement and registration papers. No doubt, it takes a lot of money to buy a new house for your family. You end up spending a major chunk of your savings on your new home.

So, in order to make sure you do not end up purchasing a disputed or illegal property, there are certain tips you should follow. There are plenty of property dealers available in Kochi, who will amaze you with lucrative property deals. But, before you finalize a flat for sale in Kochi, you must verify a few important aspects. Some of them are mentioned below in this blog. Check them out!

Vital aspects to be checked

Litigation free land- Before you invest in a residential property, you must make sure the land is not involved in any kind of legal dispute. The real estate brokers or property dealers might try to hide such issues, but it is your onus to carry out a background check of the land. So, before you sign the papers, you must ask the builder to show all the necessary documents, particularly the ones related to the completion certificate. In addition, the builder should also show you the approved plan.

Government permitted land- A building’s construction plan is sanctioned by the authority only if the land upon which it is supposed to be built is from the ‘build-able’ category. So, in order to ensure the builder has obtained the necessary permission from the government, you must ask the dealer or the owner of the flat to show the sanctioned papers. In this way, you will be able to stay away from the illegal properties.

Property taxes- This is another important aspect you need to make sure before investing your hard earned money. It is vital to ensure the builder has paid all the necessary taxes related to the land upon which the building has been constructed. So, do not shy away from asking for proof in this regard.

Ownership- In Kochi, there are plenty of apartments available, and you can find flats of every price range. No matter if you are looking for a 1BHK flat or a 3BHK one, you can easily figure out the best options. But, it is important to mention that a lot of people buy under-construction flats just for investment reasons. So, if you are looking for re-sale flats, you must ensure the owner has all the legal papers of the property.

Amenities- When we buy a flat, it is crucial to take into account the list of amenities too. Amenities like 24×7 power backup, uninterrupted water supply, elevator, community hall, gymnasium, etc. are some of the basic amenities you should look for.

So, those were the five vital aspects that should be kept in mind at the time of purchasing a flat in Kochi or in any other city of India. The best flat for sale in Kochi always offers the best locality to live in. Nearby grocery stores, vegetable market, and medical stores are absolutely important to ensure a hassle-free living experience.

Hence, next time when you start looking for flat for sale then keep the above mentioned tips in your mind. You will surely end up finding out the most suitable one within your budget. Once you finalize your option, you must carry out the process of registration very carefully.

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