Simple energy saving tips for homeowners


Simple energy saving tips for homeowners


Saving energy is advantageous to anyone and everyone. The more you save energy, the less it burdens your monthly expenses and the more it helps you help the environment. But it does require your effort and active participation and as they say, it should always start from your home.
Here are some of the simple ways that will help you save energy.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances use less electricity while uncompromising their performance when compared to other similar models. The more energy efficient an appliance is, the less is its energy consumption and the less it will cost you on your bills.  So when you are to buy an appliance for your home, make sure that you check its star/energy rating. This rating tells you the energy consumption of the model i.e. the least energy efficient model will have one star while the most efficient ones will have up to five stars. The star labelled appliances are more energy efficient and consume around 20-50% less energy than conventional ones.

Say Yes to CFLs

Light up your apartments with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs or CFLs. They are highly energy efficient and use around 50 – 70 % less energy than the other ones and even last longer. Similar is the case with LEDs. Using LED lamps in your homes can cut down energy consumption by around 50%.

Switch-off & Unplug – Always

Remember to switch off and unplug the devices when not in use. Make sure that you switch off the fans and lights when you leave the room. Having a master switch that can turn off all the lights and fans in your home is a smart idea. You can simply turn it off when you leave the house. Also, make sure that you turn off the taps and close it tight when not in use because every drop is precious and can cost you extra on your utility bill.

Heating & Cooling – the Right Way

Proper insulation can help you save a lot of energy consumption as it can reduce the amount you will spend on heating and cooling. A well-built door, double glazing on windows and usage of blinds and exterior shields etc can keep your indoors warm.

When you have your AC running, make sure that the doors and windows are closed properly – this will help you to get your interiors cool down instantly without having to waste a lot of electricity.

Go Solar

Going solar can minimize your electricity bill up to a great extent. Even though the initial installation of solar panels is an expensive process, they can generate free power for your home for more than 20 years. On a much affordable note, solar light can also help you reduce power consumption and is a smart choice to go for.

Energy Audit is the key

Hire a certified energy auditor to evaluate the wasted energy and inefficiencies in your home. He can inspect your home and identify the areas that need improvements when it comes to energy

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