Kalyan Assist

At Kalyan we believe that our relationship does not end after we hand over the keys, but it would last forever. With this in mind we would be setting up our service center to assist you in any home repairs / maintenance after handing over. We will always be just a call away. Periodic inspection and maintenance of the premises and the amenities is a promise we intend to keep.

  • Dedicate in-house maintenance team
  • Complete Interior
  • Any repair attended in 24/48 Hrs service

Property Maintenance

Customer satisfaction and service is of prime importance to us at Kalyan. We have taken cognizance to the importance of property management for NRI customers who do not wish to rent out or occupy their apartment. Our intended services would include taking care of home repairs and bill payments

INDIA +91 9946785555, 04872332555

 +91 902 015 5555