Kalyan Gateway Water And Waste Management System

With the rising concern about the importance of saving water for the future, Kalyan Developers ensures that a range of responsible measures are taken for the conservation and optimum utilization of water. This ranges from conserving rain water, optimizing water usage to recycling of water.

  • Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Recycling
  • Water Supply


  • Recharging of well through deep well injection.
  • Rainwater harvesting in the underground storage tank.
  • Filtration of rainwater before storage.


  • Water efficient fixtures and water flow limiters to reduce water consumption.
  • Water metering system monitors water consumption and wastage.*
  • (*Check project specifications to see if it’s applicable to this project.)


  • Sewage treatment plant treats and extracts water (BOD < 30).
  • Recycled water is used for gardening, flushing and for other purposes.

Water Supply

  • Corporation, Municipality Water Supply
  • Well water
  • Bore well Water
  • Rain Water
  • Bowser water during emergencies


Kalyan Developers strives towards creating the most future-friendly waste management system to keep the environment clean, safe and healthy. Using the principles of reduce, recycle and reuse, there are broadly 6 types of waste that are identified in all our apartments. For each kind of waste there is a color coded bin that is kept for its collection at the apartment premises. With an efficient waste management system, Kalyan Developers aims at bringing about a more hygienic and sustainable living, making space for the future.

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