Kalyan Decor stands for professionalism that meets every need of a customer and beyond. From the time we begin our association with a client, we begin to share the same dream of their new home. We create a timeline that is strictly followed, to ensure that there are no delays whatsoever. We also ensure that our team follows the smallest of details and are available to the customer 24*7 for any assistance or guidance regarding their décor.


We at Kalyan Decor can never make compromises on quality. We go out of our way to bring to our clients everything from furnishing, fixtures, upholstery to electrical fittings that is of world-class quality. Because, we know that we are a part of team that build homes to last for a lifetime.


Our team of expert interior designers have a peculiar eye for detail. This makes them create spaces with character, so that they speak volumes about one’s identity. We ensure that every aspect of design, like space, line, light, form, colours, textures, patterns, all come together in perfect balance to create homes that make a statement.

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Walk into a living room done up by the team at Kalyan Decor and you’ll know why we stand a class apart in creating a lasting impression in the minds of every guest who comes in. We ensure all our living rooms are garnered with abundant space and minimalistic yet contemporary design and furnishing. Living rooms at Kalyan Décor are designed not just to provide you a comfy space to sit back and relax but also to reflect the core of your identity.

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