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The work environment at Kalyan is the definition of diversity. We believe that each and every employee is a part of our family. At Kalyan office, you will always find an environment that encourages knowledge sharing and a culture that incorporates our core values through collaboration. We work towards maintaining an open culture where every employee is a contributor idea exchanges are part of the everyday work life.

Our experience with Kalyan

12 Oct 2016

Our experience with Kalyan Developers 2nd project “Kalyan Sunfields” was nothing less that fantastic from start to finish. We had never built a home before and had no idea what was involved. Kalyan developers SUNFIELDS project walked us through every step from start to finish. We loved the convenience of being able to choose all of the features on site at Kalyan Sunfields. The selections were great and they were able to customize the plan and design to accommodate some special requests that we had.

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Staffs were all friendly and patient. Customer service was great and prompt in replying. We experienced no difficulties during the construction phase and were impressed with the quality of the work. I take this opportunity to congratulate and wish Kalyan Developers with more projects.

Mr. Girish Nair

Kalyan Sunfields

Mr. Faisal Subaid

Kalyan Habitat

Group GM
Pinnacle Motors,

24 Mar 2016

Kalyan Habitat is the best property in the district in overall parameters. The built quality, the kind of materials used, you rarely see cutting of corners. Apart from that the sheer space outside the building is something you rarely see in the new properties that is being built. The corridors, the indoor swimming pool on the ground floor, private mini cinema hall, the gym are all classy, as good as the you find abroad. I used to stay in the 9thfloor 3 bedroom flat of 2070sqft with huge balconies for 2 bedrooms and the hall.

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We use to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets like no other property. As the building is surrounded by religious place of worship of all faiths, the early mornings of solitude of sitting in the balcony was filled with a spiritual mood of church bells, Azaan from mosques and morning prayers from temple on both sides. There was a strong temptation for me to move to Shoba City, the only property that I personally feel can be compared to Habitat. When I compared both one to one, apart from the artificial lake and mall, I found Kalyan Habitat better that Shoba City.
Now I own 1b flat in the first floor. I always ask the 1A resident whether he is selling it, so that I can combine both and make it together. That much I am in love with Kalyan Habitat. There is a breeze that comes in the early mornings that is unforgettable when I think of Habitat. Sitting in the balcony with music in the background, I used to read books on the weekends. As Kalyan Jewellers ad caption says “Trust is everything”, Kalyan group has upholded that in HABITAT.


01 Mar 2016

Before booking an apartment at Kalyan Opal, we contacted several well-known builders in Thrissur and finally decided to go with Kalyan Developers. We appreciate the detail that the sales representative went into with us and every question we had was answered with a “yes”. So we decided to book an apartment at Kalyan Opal which met our needs very well and was also with in our budget. Kalyan Opal had a beautiful selection of home models to choose from which all could be modified according to our likes.

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The selection process of materials and colors was well organized and covered all items in the home. We are well please with the workmanship and the appearance of our finished home. Yes we would certainly recommend Kalyan Developers to anyone who is thinking to buy a new home.

Poornima Radhakrishnan

Kalyan Sunfields

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