10 tips for maintaining your new home

10 tips for maintaining your new home
June 27, 2019 | House

Maintaining your home is an art. Just as love keeps a family together, a house needs passion and care to make it feel like home. A clean and well-kept surrounding can instantly impart happiness and can make you relaxed, refreshed and energized when getting back home after a tiring day at work. Keeping track of the tasks to be done and splitting them into daily, weekly, and monthly routines will ease the maintenance load on you. Here are some tips to get the upkeep done right.


We spend a good share of our time indoors and especially with kids at home it is essential to keep the place clean and speck-less. We are continually tracking in dust and dirt, and kids are bringing along their share of clutter. The mounting hills of wanted and unwanted items lying in general disorder also need attention.

Dust free and clean surfaces

Clean and dust shelves before sweeping the floor while dining and coffee tables require cleaning almost after every use. Clean up any mess as they happen rather than putting it off for later. At least once a week, vacuum sofas, window screens, carpets, curtains to keep them clean and dry. Mop the floor routinely to eliminate smaller dust particles. Remember to clean doors, windows, fireplace and chimney at least once a month. Clean the kitchen tops as you cook as it is one of the places that needs to be most hygienic. It helps save time and also keeps your kitchen sparkly clean at all times. Maintaining a shoe-rack for guests and family in the living room or outside to avoid shoe tracks on the floor and carpets, which can help plentiful in keeping the place clean for longer.

Keep rooms clutter-free

Make it a habit to put items in appropriate places allotted to them after each use. Grab as you go. Segregate content into boxes and containers, which makes it easier to find them when needed and keep them organized. Keep a box or bag to put away items that you no longer use and dispose of them routinely through a garage sale or donate to the needy in charity. Have proper storage space for everything and hidden storage spaces are a great idea for things that would rather be out of view.

Keep track of kids and pets behaviour

Set rules in place for children like to eat only at the table, draw only on the paper rather than on the walls so that they follow the system and contribute to keeping their home clean. Pets are part of many families, and it is essential to train your pets properly as they might dig around in your lawn ruining your plants, or scratching the walls, furniture, carpets, etc. You can find toys for the pets like claw poles or chew toys so that they don’t start knowing on your belongings but remain happily entertained too!

Appliances and systems

Do a routine check-up of your devices like solar appliances, geysers, lock and security systems, mosquito nets, heating and cooling systems, smoke detectors and alarms, etc. to ensure they are fully operational. Clean water and air filters regularly to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Check the plumbing and repair leaky toilets and faucets saving water and a mess thereby. Pest control should be done as and when required so that it doesn’t become a menace to you and neighbours. Always maintain a list of maintenance professionals at hand to be called in when necessary or for a check-up at regular intervals. Routinely check on window and door seals, caulks, insulations and weather stripping if any before rainy or winter season commences. Do not compromise on safety when making significant changes to your apartment. Gutters and drains should be routinely checked to avoid water damage from flooded basements.


A simple routine as making your bed in the morning after waking up can be a wave of change for the ambience of the room. It makes the whole room look polished and tidy. Keep throw pillows fluffed and blankets folded. Nightstands, study desks, shelves should be kept organized and clean. Hang up clothes after use in the closet and always use the laundry bag to put the soiled clothes rather than heaping them up in the corner. Regularly ventilate rooms by opening windows and letting in fresh air and sunlight.


Thoroughly clean the sink, shower, tub, toilets regularly every day. Clean out mirror and glass spots that can ruin the life of the mirror and give off an unclean vibe. Check the floor corners and make sure they are clean.


Keep the kitchen sink clean and empty by washing off dishes right after use. Maintain clean countertops. Organize the pantry and refrigerator. Schedule a refrigerator cleaning routinely. Keep the appliances clean and covered when not in use.

Set the atmosphere

Air fresheners enhance the ambience of the house. Fresh flower arrangements can bring out the freshness and set an excellent mood for you. Potted interior plants are aesthetic and improve the energy of the house.


The first thing a person coming to your home notices is the garden, which is why it is a priority to keep it primed and primed.


Clear out dry, dead plants and weeds from the yard. Weeds leach out the water and fertilizers needed for your plants and can be unaesthetic. Keep shrubs and plants at a little distance from the house and maintain fencing walls to prevent moisture damage. Regularly prune and keep a check on big trees that may interfere with electrical lines, roofing, etc. Planting trees around the house enhance the cooling inside the home while it gives a safe space for children and pets to play.

Exterior walls and roof

Perform a check on drainage before and after every winter. Check and repair roofs, roof flashing, shingles, downspouts, water-damaged trusses. Clear fallen leaves and debris from the backyard. Test and inspect the garage door and door opener. Clean and change water in pools, remove debris accumulations and eradicate any water-logging around the house to prevent diseases and infections.

Owning a house is a great feeling, but it comes to maintaining it, proper cleaning and routine check-ups in and around the house is vital. Minor tasks can be covered in 15-20 minutes every day and complete a job a day. Having a clean surrounding is as essential to keep the energy around the house elevated.

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