Why Kalyan

A legacy of trust

The Kalyan Group, with an experience of 109 glorious years, is one of the oldest business houses in India. From what began as a textile mill in a pre-independent India, Kalyan spread into other business and grew as one of India’s leading jewellery retailers –Kalyan Jewellers. The brand Kalyan is built on a foundation of ethical, honest and transparent business practices, and trust has been the cornerstone of all their businesses. Today, Kalyan Developers carries forward the same legacy to build homes on trust and has been the most trusted builder in Kerala ever since its inception.

Why Kalyan
Why Kalyan
Time Bound
Why Kalyan
Why Kalyan
Ethical Business

Superior Construction Quality

Quality always comes first for Kalyan Developers. We pay attention to the last detail when it comes to using state of the art technology and materials of world - class quality for the construction of all our prestigious projects. Within 6 years into the real estate market, we have completed 10 Lakhs sq.Ft that meet superior construction standards. Ensuring professionalism in engineering and uncompromised quality, Kalyan Developers continues to create real estate marvels.



Value appreciation is considered an extremely important factor by all customers when it comes to buying a new home. Our futuristic design & features, superior construction quality, prime locations and trust that the customers associate with our brand, ensures that the value of our apartments appreciate over time.

# Name of the project Launch Year Sold price/sqft Project Status Current price Rate Hike % of Appreciation Current rental value
1 Habitat Nov-09 2900 Handed over in January 2016 5500 2600 89.65 16000-25000
2 Sunfields April-13 4000 Handed over in September 2015 5500 1500 37.5 18000-22000
3 Opal Jun-14 2650 Handed over in December 2016 3650 1000 37.73 10000-15000
4 Nexus Apr-14 3000 Handed over in November 2017 4600 1600 53.33 16000-20000
5 Sanctuare May-15 3700 Handing over in December 2018 4950 700 21.62 16000-20000
6 Centrum Jul-16 3400 Handing over in January 2021 5300 1900 55.88 18000-22000
7 Sapphire Jul-16 3550 Handing over in February 2021 4600 1050 29.57 16000-20000
8 Heritage Apr-17 4800 Handing over in December 2021 6400 1600 33.33 18000-25000
9 Marvella Apr-18 5300 Handing over in October 2021 6850 1550 29.24 27500-35000
10 Avanti Apr-18 4500 Handing over in May 2022 6000 1500 33.33 18000-25000