Shifting to a new location? You can’t miss this!

Shifting to a new location
When you decide to move to a new location whether it is after buying a newapartment/villa or getting a home for rent, it is very important to ensure that the new location you are moving to will match the lifestyle you were used to. From simple things like having a nearby grocery shop to having your office or your child’s educational institution close by, there are a million other factors that will affect your decision of moving into a new location. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that will make your life comfortable at your new home, given below is checklist for anyone planning to make a move:

5 Tips For Buying A Flat In Kochi

Buying a new home can be an exciting as well as challenging task. The thought of getting a new home for your family members can fill you up with happiness and excitement. However, it is also important to be highly alert and careful before signing the agreement and registration papers. No doubt, it takes a lot of money to buy a new house for your family. You end up spending a major chunk of your savings on your new home.


What lies behind the high-rises?

When new apartments, villas or homes are coming up in every nook and corner of your city, it isn’t easy to ignore another side of this story. These construction sites harbor large amounts of solid waste and approximately 91% of all C&D waste comes from renovation and demolition. When construction sites are meant to go hand in hand with development, these sites found in the most prime locations generate enormous amount of waste.
With our rapidly growing real estate sector, there is a huge increase in the number of people buying new 2 BHK/ 3 BHK apartments in the city and this has significantly triggered the growth of the construction sector. Safe disposal of the waste generated out becomes a huge issue for the builders, and owners.

The Indian real estate industry goes digital!

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When the entire world we live in has begun to spin around the digital network, the real estate industry in our country has caught up with the changing times and is on a journey towards transforming various aspects of the sector. This would mean keeping a digital record of your new 3 BHK apartment or your brand new villa or anything that concerns properties in the real estate sector. It is interesting to note that until recently, only very few countries around the world maintained an electronic public register for real estate. Read More >>

The Challenges of Finding a Home

For everyone, no matter where he/she might be living in, it is a necessity to come back to a place at the end of the day which they can call a ‘home’. This is the place which can help one relax after a long day at work or any other stressful environment. However, nowadays finding a home in India is becoming increasingly difficult.


Get to know the LTCG tax better


What are Capital Gains?

To understand the LTCG tax, it is essential to first gather a better understanding about Capital Gains. When an investor sells his capital asset for a price higher than its purchase price, the profit he makes is called Capital Gains. The transfer of capital asset must be made the previous year itself. This is taxable under the head ‘Capital Gains’ and there must exist a capital asset, transfer of the capital asset and profit or gains arising from the transfer. Capital gains usually include all property possessed by the owner, but there are a few exceptions. Read More >>

Kalyan Developers Announces A Brand-New Chapter In After Sales Ties up with apartment management portal for all its Projects

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All that effort of putting your documents together, getting the best terms on your home loan, getting just the right accents to your interiors and orchestrating the big move is finally over and you get ready to move into your dream home. We understand how important it is that you get to live the life you dreamed of and not be bogged down by fresh new concerns.

Keep an alerted eye, while choosing your EMI

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These days, when you decide to buy an apartment in Thrissur or a flat in Trivandrum, there are many options that you may consider to finance your purchase. Since, buying a dream home in the most prime location is usually an investment of a lifetime’s savings; many choose the option of taking a home loan. While taking a home loan, it is important to be aware of the nuances involved, especially with the monthly EMIs. It is extremely important to ensure that the EMI as per your scheme is within your budget and doesn’t leave you in a crunch for money every month. Most people consider EMIs as a financial burden and often make the mistake of choosing a long-term loan to pay lower EMIs. But at the end of it, they end up paying double the interest. A wise buyer, meticulously plans to make his home loan EMIs affordable. Read More >>