Get to know the LTCG tax better


What are Capital Gains?

To understand the LTCG tax, it is essential to first gather a better understanding about Capital Gains. When an investor sells his capital asset for a price higher than its purchase price, the profit he makes is called Capital Gains. The transfer of capital asset must be made the previous year itself. This is taxable under the head ‘Capital Gains’ and there must exist a capital asset, transfer of the capital asset and profit or gains arising from the transfer. Capital gains usually include all property possessed by the owner, but there are a few exceptions. Read More >>

Kalyan Developers Announces A Brand-New Chapter In After Sales Ties up with apartment management portal for all its Projects

Builders in Kerala
All that effort of putting your documents together, getting the best terms on your home loan, getting just the right accents to your interiors and orchestrating the big move is finally over and you get ready to move into your dream home. We understand how important it is that you get to live the life you dreamed of and not be bogged down by fresh new concerns.

Keep an alerted eye, while choosing your EMI

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These days, when you decide to buy an apartment in Thrissur or a flat in Trivandrum, there are many options that you may consider to finance your purchase. Since, buying a dream home in the most prime location is usually an investment of a lifetime’s savings; many choose the option of taking a home loan. While taking a home loan, it is important to be aware of the nuances involved, especially with the monthly EMIs. It is extremely important to ensure that the EMI as per your scheme is within your budget and doesn’t leave you in a crunch for money every month. Most people consider EMIs as a financial burden and often make the mistake of choosing a long-term loan to pay lower EMIs. But at the end of it, they end up paying double the interest. A wise buyer, meticulously plans to make his home loan EMIs affordable. Read More >>

Buy Your Home In A Beautiful Place Like Kottayam

The natural beauty of Kerala entices thousands of tourists every year. The backwaters, serene beaches, and magnificent temples of this Indian state are definitely a treat to the eyes. However, the urban development in the prime cities of Kerala is also an impressive aspect about this city. One such city is Kottayam, which is situated in the south-west part of Kerala. The real estate sector of Kerala is definitely booming, and the builders in Kottayam are leave no stone unturned to lure the customers.Read More >>

Tips to Buy the Ideal Home

Finding a place to live in the urban jungles of today can sometimes get tedious and frustrating. With brokers breathing down buyer’s necks and taking every opportunity to swindle them, it can take a long time to locate and settle upon a decent property. And that’s not the only hindrance that comes when looking for houses. It is important to choose locations that have easy access to daily requirements like schools for kids, a nearby market, banks, hospitals, and what not. It can get exceedingly difficult to find a house which holds all these facilities and more in its vicinity.The same criteria apply when looking for, say, appartments for sale in Kochi.Read More >>

Make sure your home is beautiful inside out!

2BHK or 3 BHK apartment or home
Whether you’re buying an apartment in Trivandrum or a flat in Thrissur or giving your old home a makeover, one thing that will get your creative brain rattling are its interiors! As simple as it may sound, the space that keeps you warm and cozy, and the one most close to your heart, will require a lot of your thought and keen interest. When you decide to do up your home, there are several advices that are going to be thrown at you, especially if you have just moved into your brand new apartment! When hiring someone to do up your interiors is an obvious choice that you have, it is also necessary to make sure that the entire interior design of your new home or apartment is a reflection of your own personality. The best way to ensure that is to know some tips and tricks that will help you do up your own home with minimal effort and cost. Read More >>

Make the future yours!

Kalyan Sapphire
Sometimes, all you’re looking for in life could be ‘perfect balance’. While you tick off the most desired goal from you bucket list, and finally decide to buy a dream home in one of the fastest growing cities of Kerala, settling for the ordinary must not even be an option. The capital city of Kerala –Trivandrum is growing in leaps and bounds and with the development of the Technocity, Trivandrum will see immense employment opportunities and will immerge as a future technology hub. What’s better is that the city has been recently rated as one of the best cities in India to live in! To add to its splendor, Kalyan Developers brings to you Kalyan Sapphire – luxurious 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in the heart of the city.

How does the government’s home loan subsidy benefit you?

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Every person’s dream to buy a home or apartment will now be fulfilled through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY). The Central Government has extended the benefit of interest subsidy on home loans for those people who fall into the middle income group (MIG). The subsidy was announced by the Central Government for meeting the ‘Housing for All’ target in urban areas by 2022. These subsidies prove to be extremely beneficial for providing housing to the economically less privileged segments, where even small decreased variations in the total cost incurred while buying a home or apartment makes a significant difference. This scheme has been extended till March 2019 and it is important to know about it in detail.