Kalyan Developers Online Privacy Policy

Kalyan Developers Online Privacy Policy

Kalyan Developers consider your online privacy very seriously and implements all reasonable measures to uphold time-related standards and practices for online privacy. Kalyan Developers value your online privacy and acknowledge that you need to protect any data you communicate with us that is personally identifiable (“Personal Data”). You can see that the site will not disclose your identity or provide any private information about you. If provided, your personal details will only be transferred to Kalyan Developers. Your Personal Data will be secured regardless of where it is stored, transmitted or kept.


Several of our WebPages use “cookies” as well as other monitoring technologies to gather information about website activity that may help the web user to remember personal information previously submitted. Though accepting or deleting cookies is your choice, please note that if you need to delete or block cookies, you will need to re-enter your original user Username and password in order to access certain parts of the website.


Where Kalyan Developers collect web-based personal information, you will be informed of the reasons for the collection of the information. Your Personal Data will not be passed to third parties who are not responsible for acting on behalf of Kalyan Developers. There will be sharing of data where such change is legally allowed.


You can choose whether to provide Kalyan Developers with private information or not. The notification we plan to provide will help you make this option where Kalyan Developers collects Personal Info on the internet. When you choose not to provide the private information we request, you may still be able to visit certain parts of the website of Kalyan Developers, but you may not be able to access other products, deals, and services that require our contact with you. If you choose to have a contract with Kalyan Developers, such as a formal and other business relationship or alliance, in conjunction with that business relationship, we will obviously proceed to contact you.


wherever your Personal Information may be held within or on behalf of Kalyan Developers, sensible measures will be taken to safeguard such information from unauthorized access or disclosure that you share with us.

Children’s Privacy

Kalyan Developers is not collecting private information from anyone we know is under the age of 18.


Please contact us at https://www.kalyandevelopers.com/ if you need further clarification regarding our Online Privacy Policy.

Your Consent

By using this website, you agree to Kalyan Developers ‘ terms and conditions of our Online Privacy Policy and storage of your Personal Data. If it includes us to make future changes to the Online Privacy Policy, we will ensure that you are notified of these changes by prominently posting all changes on our website for a significant period of time.