Do you know the rights you’re entitled to, after buying an apartment?

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While most of us get trapped in the haste of buying an apartment in Kerala, it is only natural to overlook certain important rights to which buyers entitled to, from the time of booking the apartment to the phase after which the apartment has been handed over to us. As we tick off one of the top priorities from our wish list- a flat in Trivandrum or an apartment in Kochi or a villa in Thrissur, being aware of certain significant rights, will only work to the buyer’s advantage. So before you begin to sign those endless sheets of documents, know all that you need to, about your apartment deal.

Is your dream home Vastu compliant?

An essential science to consider while buying a new home.

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For many of us, a home is not just a place to live in but a quintessential space for the mind and an extension of our identity. It creates the atmosphere for energies to influence a family’s growth and enhances peace and happiness. Vastu Shastra reveals that different energies that originate from the atmosphere, like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy and wind energy, can be adjusted to improve peace, prosperity and achievements in one’s life. Read More >>