Take a peek into India’s real estate milestones

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The growth of a particular industry is influenced by several factors. Government initiatives, policies and interventions, to market conditions, socio-economic changes, political events, etc. are some of the many factors that influence the growth of a given industry. It’s also true that every industry’s growth directly impacts the development of a country. As India completes seven glorious decades of independence, one of the industries that have had a significant impact on shaping its path to development, has undoubtedly been the real estate industry. Read More >>

Know a home loan inside-out!

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A home loan is sometimes the only answer to your quest for a dream home. However a home loan that’s not chosen wisely can be less of a boon. Like any other financial product, home loans that are chosen to buy an apartment or villa in your dream city needs to be learned carefully to avoid any sort of unpleasant surprises later. Also, it is important to know about the basic ways in which a home loan works and all the other necessary criteria before you sign the dotted line. Read More >>