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‘Kalyan Sanctuare
There are some places that seep into your soul and leave an imprint forever. One such place is a town in South Kerala away from the fast paced cities, known to enchant people by its mesmerizing beauty of both the mountains and the backwaters. From the whiff of steamed lacy appams or baked butter cake that fills kitchens, to the echoing cheer of boat racers, Kottayam is held close to the heart for many reasons. Known as the land of letters for its rich literary lineage, the people of Kottayam are known to have a taste for the finer things in life. A lifestyle cradled in the light heartedness of Kottayam is a dream come true for many. Kalyan Developers makes this dream a reality with their latest project ‘Kalyan Sanctuare’ in Kanjikuzhy.

A complete guide to an apartment owners association

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What is an Apartment Owners Association?

One of the most integral parts of community living is the Apartment Owners Association – a body that sets certain rules, principles and works endlessly towards the well being of its residents. Its effectiveness increases the quality of life even in the best apartments in Kerala. They are held responsible for maintaining the facilities and amenities of the apartment and conducting timely events or awareness programs. It is their duty to ensure the protection of every owner’s rights. Read More >>