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Experience a lifestyle, that’s a class apart

There are some places that seep into your soul and leave an imprint forever. One such place is atown in South Kerala away from the fast paced cities, known to enchant people by itsmesmerizing beauty of both the mountains and the backwaters. From the whiff of steamed lacyappams or baked butter cake that fills kitchens, to the echoing cheer of boat racers, Kottayam isheld close to the heart for many reasons. Known as the land of letters for its rich literarylineage, the people of Kottayam are known to have a taste for the finer things in life. A lifestylecradled in the light heartedness of Kottayam is a dream come true for many. Kalyan Developersmakes this dream a reality with their latest project ‘Kalyan Sanctuare’ in Kanjikuzhy.

Kalyan Sanctuare is a premium project developed on 82 cents of land on KanjikuzhyDevelokam road in Kottayam. Sanctuare brings to life, ‘balance’ in its core essence of designwith a traditional and contemporary take on its architecture. Embracing its unique style is itsinteriors that focus on open, spacious, living areas that will never let you compromise on space.Its location brings balance upfront in yet another way! Located in the midst of conveniences yetretaining the good old charm of Kottayam, Sanctaure also strikes the perfect balance betweenluxury and location.

The plush living that Sanctuare offers, never takes away the zone of comfort experienced in anindependent home. It makes room for all your exclusive tastes and interests with its world-classamenities. It promises a lifestyle that gives you ‘more’ in every sense of the word. An amazinglydesigned swimming pool with an effectively managed plumbing system keeps the water cleanand chemically balanced. It’s truly a bliss to come back home and go for a swim to calm yourmind. At Sanctuare, one of the greatest assets in its list of amenities is a fully equipped gymthat lets you bring about a fitness regime into your lives. The play area equipped with sportslike Table Tennis and Pool is one of the greatest stress busters and is the best way to enhancequality time spent with your family. The range of amenities at Kalyan Sanctuare doesn’t endthere!

For the ones who would prefer a cozy weekend at home, has a fully functional mini theatre totheir advantage. Add a movie weekend to your leisure activities and be spellbound by itsexperience at the convenience of your own home. Once you’re at Sanctuare, the world isbrought to your feet. Even if you’re planning a 100 member event for your circle of friends orrelatives, there is no other place you should go in search for. Sanctuare will play host with itsprofessionally managed club house for all the parties you want to throw! The club house is also a major venue for great recreational activities like Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Meditation, etc. for its proud residents.

The 90 premium apartments at Kalyan Sanctuare are designed for those people with anexclusive taste for living. Kalyan Sanctuare is undoubtedly one of the finest choices you canmake while buying in an apartment that offers you a lifestyle that’s truly enviable. Associatewith the most trusted builder of Kerala – Kalyan Developers and be amongst the cream ofKottayam to own an address that will set you a class apart.

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