Home Automation: The next wave of change in the real estate industry

Home Automation: The next wave of change in the real estate industry
May 19, 2019 | Construction

Prospective buyers are always on the lookout for a property for sale sign, eyeing on the perfect apartments – the one that is ideal location-wise and offers a comfortable living.

Builders began to add more lifestyle amenities to the properties they were offering to their clients. Thus swimming pools, gym, party halls, gaming areas, imported floorings and fittings, concierge services, intercom facilities – everything became an eminent part of any apartments.

With the increasing demand for luxury apartments, the idea of a ‘smart home’ finally came into the fore.  The new age in technology set spark to a new age in real estate, thus home automation became a necessity for everyone. From opening your curtain drapes in the morning to switching off lights when you leave, home automation system has now, become a part of everyone’s lifestyle quotient.

Home Automation – Home at your fingertips

With the help of the home automation system, you can control the utilities and features of your home. It refers to the control of household features and devices like sprinkler systems, lights, electrical appliances and outlets, heating and cooling systems, from a mobile device or laptop anywhere in the world. From the perspective of home security, this includes your door and window locks, alarm system, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and so on.

Why Home Automation?

With home automation, you can streamline how your home functions. For instance, if you want to take a weekend trip miles away from where you are, you can always control your home with your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Also, it feels nice making your home do things without actually having to physically do it yourself. You can always set the ambience with preferable lighting options and have a romantic dinner date in your living room, set your home to a comfortable temperature and snuggle up during the monsoons in your bed, set up smart speakers to play soothing music after a hectic day at work.

Start enjoying the new life. Go anywhere you want worry-free. Your pet will be fine back home, so will be everything else; completely under control. With a home automation system at your aid, your daily routine is now unimaginably easy.  If you’ve forgotten to lock your doors, you don’t have to drive all the way back but simply lock the door from wherever you are with a stable internet connection. The smoke alarms, fire detectors, alarm systems can warn you in advance and help protect your home from a probable disaster. Home automation can also help save
your power bills to a greater extent. Moreover, most of the home automation products can be easily configured with voice-enabled devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

From smartphones to smart TV to smart lock, technology is getting smarter day by day. In this smart age, having a smart home – the one that can be controlled with our fingertips is a dream come true. What makes that dream even more perfect is an association with the best builder. That’s why we suggest you buy your dream home from Kalyan Developers – the best builders in kerala. Multi-level security systems for common areas and lobbies, access control entry to the common entrance foyers, CCTV at entrances, gas leakage and smoke detectors, fire alarm etc equipped at various projects makes life here – safe, easy and everything you were ever looking for.

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