Security tips for women living alone in rented houses

Security tips for women living alone in rented houses
June 14, 2019 | Construction

So you’re a single working woman who is on apartment hunting. And you’ve made a list of prospective rental apartments that best fit your budget. What next?
There are a couple of things that you should be cautious about, before even thinking about stepping into your brand new abode. So here’s a list of safety measures that you as a single
woman can strike off from your checklist.

Safety of the Location

Does the neighbourhood you chose seem friendly?

Once you have selected your area of preference, make sure that it is safe to live alone in that particular area especially for a single woman. Make sure that the apartment doesn’t hold any criminal records and the neighbourhood is family-friendly and crime-free.

Since most of the jobs include shifts, make sure that area of residence has easy approachability to public transport systems.

Also, make sure that your residential locality has easy accessibility to amenities like ATMs, medical shops, grocery shops, hospitals, police station etc. if in case an emergency arises.

Safety of the Apartment

Make sure that the apartment building has all the safety measures required. That means home automation, 24×7 security and surveillance service, intercom facilities, and automated locks, windows and doors are an added advantage.

Make sure that the apartment fulfils firsthand security measures such as smoke alarms and detectors, proper plumbing and high-quality switches and electric sockets. Because for a single woman living alone, safety and security should be given double priority.

Make sure that the apartment building belongs to a trusted builder in order to avoid unnecessary complications during your time of stay.

The first thing to do after moving in is getting to know your neighbours. Exchange contact numbers, if necessary. Ask for identification verification cards of any maids or maintenance
workers that enter your home. Remember to always lock your doors and guard your windows with curtains so that others don’t find out that you are living alone.

Due to increased migration of people from places all over, it has become difficult to find suitable rental apartments in thrissur,apartments in kochi orapartments in trivandrum – especially for single women. So when you have found out that perfectluxury house for yourself make sure that you put safety and security before anything else in the first place. That’s why we suggest you partner with the right builder who puts your safety first than anything else. Partner with Kalyan Developers – the best builders in kerala. Multi-level security systems for common areas and lobbies, access control entry to the common entrance foyers, CCTV at entrances, gas leakage and smoke detectors, fire alarm etc equipped at various projects of Kalyan makes life here – safe, easy and everything you were ever looking for.

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