How to find the best builder in your area?

How to find the best builder in your area?
June 21, 2019 | Builder

Crafting your home is a major decision, and it requires careful consultation before zeroing in on your best option. With a vast number of builders of all scales and sizes available today, the choices are endless. At the same time, with the surfeit of choices comes a difficulty – it’s difficult to select the right one. Whether it’s a small house or a beaming mansion, getting the right builder can make your project easier and cut short your hassle drastically.

Research your needs and builders.

With the real estate market booming, there is no shortage of builders in Trivandrum. Your priority thus has to be a builder who can do your scale of the project for a decent price and good quality. You can take your friends’ recommendations, advertisements or real estate agent’s help to compile a list of builders to look out for. Do some background checks online and get details of the kind of buildings they work with, their approachability and the overall work quality too.

Quality of Construction

Quality is critical to any project, and when it comes to your personal project, you need to make sure it is on point. Scout the builders whom you are interested in, research their work and get to know about them in detail. Find out if they allow ample number of site visits to ensure the quality of construction and materials. Research both their commitment and ability to deliver quality homes.

Site visits

Site visits of ongoing constructions and interactions with builders let you know about their work and working style, along with their choices of materials and workforce. You can also visit previous projects of the builder to gather an idea about what to expect from the builder in terms of design, comfort and amenities.

Transparency is essential.

Once you have met up with a builder, watch out for the rapport with him. A builder who can take your queries well and answer them sincerely is a good sign. Some builders are very open and clear about their work, estimate and expected date of completion. They will tell you about the details of construction, the stability of land or soil and what products and kind of structures could prove optimum for your building in the locale. If he is not opening up about the details, you might need to be wary of him since improper and incomplete interaction can leave you confused and uncomfortable through the whole journey.

Ask friends and relatives.

It’s always the best idea to ask people who are openly frank to you and will not sugarcoat their answers. Friends and family, who have built homes, or who know trusted builders, could serve you as useful guides to understand the real construction scene. Enquire with your close friends to get good insight and ask them for the issues they went through when they were building their homes. If you found a certain house appealing to you in its design or apparent strength, do not hesitate to ask them about the architect or builder who helmed their project.

Ask questions, do not fret.

When you are building your house for the first time, you may be unsure of a lot of things, and your builder is the one who can clarify the details for you. Do not be scared to ask him questions about features of the products used or the estimated time period for completion of the project. You can put your requirements and concerns on the table, and he can work it into his plan. Healthy interactions can give you clarity and peace of mind when you know that both of you are on the same page. If he is encouraging you to ask questions, that looks like a good sign.

Sync your communication and find a middle ground.

You are going to be committed to a single builder throughout the process of your home building; thus it is essential to maintain good communication between the two of you from the beginning. He will need to understand what you have in your mind if he has to translate your ideas and dreams to your home. If the builder is not patient or if he is disinterested in responding to you, it will remain as an uncomfortable space where working together becomes complicated.

Know the Reputation

One significant indicator of the quality of a builder is the reputation he has for the work done until now. You can inquire about it to people who have worked with him. Real estate agents also have a good idea of the best builders in town. A simple drive by the apartments constructed by the builder you have in mind can give you a visual understanding of the appeal of the building. Meet up with homeowners in person to get in-depth detail of the difficulties faced during the construction and how supportive the builder was in rectifying them. Ask them about the maintenance and assistance provided by the builder after moving in.

License and Track Record

A final feature to look for in a good builder is the documentation pertaining to his work. He needs to have the relevant license to build homes in the locality you have in mind. He may have a permit or certification issued by the local authority or state. It is essential to choose a legal and licensed builder so that you do not get stuck in any legal complications during the construction of your dream home. Enquire with the builder about the insurance options or schemes that he works by so that there is no avalanche loss of funds in case of problems. It is also vital to ensure that his license and documents are valid and have been renewed from time to time.

Building your home is a dream and also a great challenge that can be made easier if you have the right builder at your disposal. Never shy away from doing your research on the builder and do not go by anyone’s word unless and until you are absolutely sure of it. You only build your home once.

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