Tips to consider before choosing builders in Kerala

Tips to consider before choosing builders in Kerala
June 21, 2019 | Builder

Owning an abode is a necessity and a desire that has to materialize at some point in the life of every human being. Moreover, it is a lifetime investment that has to be cherished forever. However, the entire process of finding the land and building a house can drain a considerable part of your precious time that could instead be used to generate the finances needed to realize this dream endeavor. In this scenario, a wise choice would be to hand over this daunting task to a trusted builder and be content with the fact that your habitat is being crafted and framed by experts. Trusting someone to handle our most fragile dream is not an easy task, but here are some tips that can guide you to choose the right builder to construct your dream nest.

Testimonials – Before you zero in on a builder, you should be ready to do some online research on the topic and may have to undertake some fieldwork regarding the same. Listing all the builders in your specific location and doing a thorough investigation regarding the quality of their work is imperative. References from friends and family would be of great help and some of the names could be ticked off from the list. Testimonials from buyers are available on the respective websites of prospective builders. Kalyan Developers, set up in 2011, handed over their first project ‘Habitat’ in 2014 and boasts of 300+ happy families in such a short span of time. The customers have emphasized on the fact that they have received much more than they had asked for, at reasonable prices.

Location – An abode with easy access to hospitals, schools, banks, shopping centers and places of worship is a fundamental necessity, so location is a prime concern while choosing the builder. Houses built in remote places at cheap rates without access to any of these should not be opted for. Housing projects by Kalyan Developers are located in prime locations providing fast access to all the places of utility. Mesmerizing views of rivers and canals is a cherry on top of these magnificent designs.

Construction Quality – When it comes to ascertaining the quality of construction, the builder being a popular name in the real estate field cannot be the sole deciding factor. Any project that can only be visited on completion should be rejected at the first interaction itself. Builders should be able to grant an ample number of site visits to help you evaluate and ensure the quality of the materials used. Using a skilled workforce is an essential requirement and access is vital to ensure this. Site visits enable you to keep a check on the workers constructing the house for you. Kalyan Developers ensures 100% customer satisfaction by providing site visits even before you book a home. This makes one wonder; can deals get any better than this? When the company is confident enough to allow customers scrutinize their work from scratch, they can certainly be trusted.

Amenities – The builder should provide basic amenities such as ample space for electricity, water, parking, security, gated community, children’s play area and a common park. Present-day homes not only strive for comfort but also luxury, so amenities like gyms, swimming pools and party halls are highly sought after features while choosing the right builder. Kalyan Developers not only provides all the basic amenities but also promises you a world-class and affluent living experience. So, why not invest in the Kalyan projects to experience life to the fullest?

Visiting previous projects – Visiting previous projects of the builder gives us an idea about what to expect from the builder in terms of design, comfort and amenities. It also gives us a chance to clear our doubts regarding the practical aspects, and to get a better idea about how cozy and safe the residents feel about residing in the projects. Kalyan Developers, as already seen from the testimonials, has a history of happy residents who are delighted about having purchased their dream homes from Kalyan.

Certification – Turning your dream home into reality is an enormous responsibility and conferring it to a builder is a big step. So, before you proceed, it is necessary to confirm that your hard earned money is at the hands of a trustworthy builder, and what else, other than the accolades owned by the builder, could determine this fact. Kalyan Developers is an ISO 9001 2015 certified company rated as one of the top builders by CRISIL. The firm has also been bestowed with the Mathrubhumi Property Awards for high-rise apartment projects of Kerala for three successive years.

Brand history and reputation – Another significant indicator that has to be considered along with construction quality and certification is the overall reputation and track record of the builder. You can enquire about it to people who have worked with the builder or have purchased homes from them. It is a good idea to meet up with homeowners to gather in-depth detail on the difficulties faced by them during construction and how supportive the builder was in rectifying them. Builders who have a reputation for providing excellent maintenance and service post construction should be preferred. Within this short span, Kalyan Developers has earned an outstanding reputation in the field, and has won many hearts, thanks to their excellent service and dedication.

Transparency – Investing money to build your dream home is a task in itself. Details regarding down payment and loan facilities should be enquired beforehand. There should always be clarity between the builder and the client regarding payment issues. All the paperwork should be verified for hassle-free deals. Ongoing projects of the builders should be fully approved. The website of Kalyan Developers has the answers to all your queries in this regard. The customer portal is available 24/7 and is dedicated to helping you clear all your doubts.

On-time Delivery – Builders should be able to complete the construction on or before the deadline, since any kind of delay will bring changes in your pre-decided schedule. Also, any delay in completion is a blot on the credibility of the company. So, it is required to do some research to find out if the company is committed enough to build your dream house and confer it according to work ethics. Track down the details of the company and confirm whether they would provide the completion and occupancy certificate at the time of handing over the keys.

Resale – Houses are built to live in but there could be times when we think about selling them. So, it is important to opt for a house that will have a great resale value. This can be determined by analyzing the quality of construction, basic amenities and apt location. All the projects by Kalyan Developers are situated in prime locations, providing easy access to all the important places. Moreover, the workforce and construction materials used for the building process are of the best available quality. Selling off a Kalyan residential project is easy due to the enormous reputation of the brand and the exceptional quality of construction of the buildings.

Financial Stability – Stress-free future is always a priority for every individual and investing in a house is a giant leap towards the direction of financial stability. The builders you choose should not only craft your dream home beautifully, but its value should appreciate with time. Kalyan housing projects are soaring heights with their skilled workforce, quality construction materials and contemporary designs. It’s always a win-win situation when it comes to Kalyan homes. Choosing them as your trusted builders will be the first step to securing the future of your family.

Home is after all a lifetime investment built with your hard earned money, so you deserve nothing less than perfection. It is important to diligently choose a builder who can understand and interpret your needs. Out of all the construction companies in Kerala, Kalyan Developers is a trusted name that will strive to turn your dream into reality. Kalyan Group was founded in 1993 and is a renowned name not only in India but also internationally. Their real estate ventures started in 2011 and by 2019 they have created magical homes for over 300 families. Moreover, they have spread wings in every part of the state by crafting their designs in five main cities of Kerala, namely Calicut, Thrissur, Cochin, Kottayam and Trivandrum. Therefore, you can now opt for Kalyan Developers to build your dream home in any nook or corner of Kerala.

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