Interior design ideas for 2 BHK homes

Interior design ideas for 2 BHK homes
June 20, 2019 | Builder

It’s hard to contain the excitement of getting a place of your own. But if you just bought your property, the job is only half done. The next humungous task at hand is to furnish your apartment to make it look like home. It is the components that you add to your rooms that define your personality and add grace to your space. 2BHK homes are cozy, compact spaces that you can beautify as you please, you can even make them look larger and luxurious. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home at an affordable price without compromising on its charm.

1. Budget and quality

The first thing you can do to reduce the vacant space in your home is to buy appropriate furniture. It is best to adhere to a budget and to invest in good quality, lasting furniture for your rooms. Since you have limited space, it is best to stick to compact pieces that are useful rather than extravagant pieces that need extra space. Essential furnishings such as sofas, dining tables and beds are to be your priority, as they have to last a lifetime. Invest in good quality wood or branded synthetic varieties for sheen and strength. A sofa set of wood or leather with a neat and slick teapoy is a must in the living room. Cots have to be selected according to the size of the family. Master bedroom can have a king-size bed, while single beds or fancy double decker beds can be adventurous additions for the little ones while saving your space. Invest in a petite and functional dining table for family events and choose dainty chairs to match with it.

2. Paint in soft colours

The colours you chose for your home can make a world of difference when it comes to how you feel inside your abode. Colours can make rooms look larger or smaller, if you choose efficiently. Smaller rooms can benefit from lighter, pastel shades that give the illusion of ample space. Add a couple of mirrors and you can enrich this look further. White walls provide the perfect balance between light and space for your living room. You can also go for pastel pink and muted yellow shades for a bright and luminous effect. Bedrooms can do well with cool tones of blue or off-white. If you want an elevated style, convert a wall into a textured finish with hints of gold or silver. A single wall in a bold contrast colour is also a trend these days. Kitchen space works well with darker shades like grey and golden yellow. The most frequently used and soiled nooks and corners should have a darker tone so that they look less stained.

3. Patterns, rugs & cushions

Once the essential bits are done, you can start adding textures that bestow style and grace to your surroundings. Wallpapers are available aplenty nowadays, and they come in beautiful designs and exotic patterns and can be used to adorn your walls. You can choose to cover entire walls in wallpaper or chose a specific area that you wish to highlight. Rugs add a stylish twist to your living spaces. If you enjoy the rustic look, go for brown or golden palette, in coir or a similar natural fabric. The feminine homemaker can opt for soft furry fabrics, in woven design to make the area stand out. This can be taken a step further by adding a touch of the same colour to the couch. If your sofa or diwan looks too dull and incomplete, here’s an easy trick to give it a total makeover. Get some funky and stylish printed cushions that can be arranged on it. You can colour coordinate it to match with the overall colour scheme of the room, or add an element of surprise and go for a wildly different shade too.

4. Lighting

Lighting is the forgotten factor that we tend to overlook during interior decoration. The right light can enhance the look and add grandeur. There are two things to be kept in mind when buying lights. It has to fit in with your décor, and has to be usable on a daily basis. Fancy lighting, including chandeliers and ambient lighting are spectacular and add a surreal feel to the room. They do great for dining rooms and living rooms where people gather for occasions where you can show off your style. Bedrooms and kitchens can do with lighting that fits into the budget as well as provides enough light to work.

5. Art decor

It is always the small additions that accentuate the feel of a home. Art has the power to transform any room into a lively and happening space. Your lobby is the first thing the guests see as they enter your home, you can choose to decorate the space by affixing a couple of family portraits in elegant vintage photo frames. You can stick to golden or off-white colour for the wall to give the frames a polished look.

6. Au Naturale

Amp up the aesthetics of your living room by adding luscious succulents as tabletop décor. Inculcating plants into the interiors is refreshing. Long plants like bamboo can add dimension whereas succulents and tiny plants in elegant vases can be downright cute and aesthetic. Bedrooms are to be functional, but they can also have a bit of definition, try placing a corner table at your bedside with a lamp and a fancy statue. Bedside rugs are also stylish, they feel comfortable and are functional too.

7. Storage Bins

To keep your tit-bits and essentials hidden away from sight yet easily accessible, employ storage bins. They come in a variety of styles, and you can choose wooden bins for the rustic ambience, cloth type bins to match with pastel painted walls, or plastic containers if you are looking for affordable and pretty ones.

8. Kitchen cabinets

Adorn your kitchen in stylish cabinets to complement the rest of the home. It’s easy to neglect the kitchen, but beautiful wooden or textured cabinets can add a finishing touch to your home. Contrast the cabinets with wall paint for a pop of colour in your food space.

9. Wardrobe

Incorporating a stunning wardrobe to your room will pull the bedroom together elegantly. A compact wardrobe can store all your clothing as well as serve as a changing space. Tall wardrobes with inbuilt mirror and a number of cabinets are the best choice for dainty homes.

Your 2BHK homes can look stunning and spacious if you put effort and time into crafting it. It is not as difficult as it seems and the results could totally blow your mind. Get your priorities right and you can work the rest according to your convenience. If you are unsure of your style, consult an architect or an interior designer for advice. Finally, give wings to your creativity, and transform your house to a beautiful home that is truly yours.

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