Benefits of buying flats in Trivandrum

Benefits of buying flats in Trivandrum
June 21, 2019 | Architecture

Investing in flats or homes is a decision that we commit to after a lot of deliberation and care. Buying apartments or flats is a major decision that involves considerable planning, be it an asset or an investment. Location is one of the paramount features that we look into when looking for a place to settle down. Major cities in Kerala, like Trivandrum and Kochi, have been steadily gaining popularity for the job opportunities and ease of living that they offer, and these are certainly hotspots to look into when you are on a real estate hunt.

The capital city of Trivandrum is known for its old world charm and charismatic ambience. The city has a heritage of being the capital city of Thiruvithamkoor during the reign of King Marthanda Varma, after it was shifted from Padmanabhapuram in Tamil Nadu to Trivandrum in 1745.

The capital city is also blessed with prominent art and academic destinations like Nishagandhi Open Auditorium, Tagore Centenary Hall, VJT Hall, Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium, Vylopilly Samskriti Bhavan, along with many universities and colleges, resulting in a vibrant cultural explosion.

As for settling, Trivandrum has the most number of government offices, which bring a lot of population here, who later turn out to be permanent settlers. The advent of Technopark has converted the area to a bustling and vibrant hub of activity and brings along a rich population of young settlers. There are also families who prefer the city for the education of their children in the best of institutions. The calm and green ambience of Trivandrum also draws people to search for homes in this clean city. Proximity to some of the most pristine beaches like Varkala and Shangumukham is a big attraction for families.

Best locations to scout

The city of Trivandrum has a place for everyone. For those searching for flats or apartments to stay in, Kowdiar, Vazhuthacaud, Vellayambalam and Sasthamangalam are good locations that not only form part of the city centre, but also have luxurious amenities. The roads and utilities in these areas are advanced and on point, and it is also a quiet and green area to dwell in. Those who love to stay away from the buzz of the city can look for apartments in the Akkulam area that has opened up as the new paradise for residential investors. The area is quieter and more tranquil, and also well connected with the major arteries. Akkulam is also very close to the IT hub, thereby adding the connectivity tag to the area. You might want to check out the Kazhakulam, Veli areas as well, as they attract a good share of the young population by being nearer to the major IT hub, Technopark. Also, you have the bonus of being closer to The Sainik School, Kinfra Film and Video Park, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, etc. The East Fort-Veli highway is also a developing area today with the advent of some major developmental projects that have kicked off in the area. By investing in a property here, one gets to wake up close to the Padmanabha Swami temple in the booming city of East Fort, which is a busy and happening area in Trivandrum.

Amenities and accessibility

For homebuyers, the next priority after location is usually space, followed by accessibility, amenities and pollution levels. Apartments should have enough space to well accommodate your family and more in the future. It depends on how long you plan to stay at a place; it is always ideal to plan slightly ahead when making significant investments like a home. Basic amenities like security and children’s play area may be mandatory for people who have kids, and the ones like gym, swimming pool and other facilities may be the cherry on top that justifies the price that you pay. Selection of amenities is a personal choice according to your requirements and pricing. Accessibility to your workplace and major roads is to be kept in mind since it is a matter of your daily commute. Shopping areas, malls and bus connectivity are also to be taken heed of before zeroing in.

Get your information right.

There is no dearth of information about apartments or real estate in the city. The people are friendly and you can conveniently ask around, see sample flats to know exactly what you are getting and browse for homes online too. Because there are government offices aplenty and these are mostly headquarters, you can have all your queries regarding documentation, registration and taxes cleared when you are buying an apartment.

The investment angle

There are a lot of options for those looking to own an apartment in Trivandrum. Before you jump in to see homes and get your token, think of what you want from your home. Have a list of amenities that are essential to you, and another list of amenities that are negotiable. This helps you set your priorities straight and strike down budget-breaker deals, without compromising on required features. When you have clarity over what you want, selection becomes easier and more efficient. From an investment angle, if you are new to this field, you might want to start small, in which case Trivandrum is ideal for your launch. The real estate world is no longer a seller’s monopoly, the buyer too gets to roll the dice, so you can expect reasonable prices coming your way. But with real estate, investments may take time to generate your returns. The returns, however, will pay back well in a decent amount of time. Serious investors are pitching in at Trivandrum, seeing the future is pretty vibrant and fast growing for the city. The capital is on the fast track to big developments and rapid changes, so it is an excellent time to get your investments on before the demand shoots up to escalate the prices.

When looking for a place to settle with your family, Trivandrum is an ideal location, it has the availability of good flats and apartment complexes that suit different budgets, equipped with the amenities of your choice. In terms of investment, Trivandrum is a fast growing city with unlimited potential and the demand for apartments will always be on the rise.

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