Villas Or Apartments – How to choose?

Villas Or Apartments – How to choose?
June 20, 2019 | Architecture

It is said choosing between villas and apartments is the unending debate of the century, an investor’s woe and a family man’s confusion! We have all been at this juncture at some point in our lives, and there is no right answer that suits all. The best option is to weigh our preferences and our family’s preferences against the available choices in the market, and to choose the option that makes the most sense to us. Sorting out this dilemma requires careful consideration and decision making so that you don’t regret it later. There are many factors to consider, starting from location, accessibility, rent, appreciation, security, etc. It is a once in a lifetime investment, and it is important to delve into some important factors that will help you decide better.

The cost factor

For most people, this is the first consideration. Of course, when we compare the price of a 3BHK flat to a villa, a villa will always cost more. But the question is, is the pricing reasonable for each option? Villas have more area and include the rate of the land too, whereas, for an apartment, the cost is solely for the house. Even regarding the peripheral costs like maintenance fee or upkeep costs, villas will require you to shell out more. Apartments, in this case, come at lower and more convenient prices for the money conscious buyers who don’t want to be bothered about taking care of the whole property by themselves. Apartments only have annual or quarterly maintenance fee for the total grooming of the place.

  • Location

Another primary factor that influences your decision is where the property is situated. For most working professionals, the ideal location would be the city, closer to work, easily accessible and with amenities in proximity – for this reason, properties are costlier in the city, especially near IT hubs and industrial areas. Flats again are the winners here, with a rising number of skyscrapers offering 1/2/3 BHK apartments. As you move to the outskirts, you can see a drop in prices and villas coming well within a decent price range. If you are someone who enjoys the escape from the rumble and pollution of the city and prefer to retire to a more lush area with a garden and space for kids, a villa is your pick. There is also the question of your family. For a single man/woman, an apartment would be reasonable, but for a family, an individual villa would be an ideal choice.

  • Investment or home

When talking about buying property, one can’t deny that there are two kinds of buyers in the real estate market. Some want to buy a house to live in while others see an investment opportunity. If you are in the former category, your primary focus should be on the amenities, closeness to business hubs, comfort and aesthetic beauty of the home. Whereas investors need to look at the current trend as to what property rents out the most these days, what kind of returns can are expected, what the resale value is, etc. While apartments may be easier to find rentals, rent yield is higher for villas, but it also depends heavily on the size and locality too.

  • What does the future hold?

As discussed earlier, there are buyers who want to utilize the home for personal use. They may plan on living at the place for at least a couple of years. In that case, resale value and scope of resale are important. These factors depend on the type of your house, the locality, the general ambience and size of the place. On the other end, there are others who prefer to gain income from renting out the place. These are usually apartments than villas. The scope for rentals in your area of preference has to be kept in mind when you opt for such property. If the place you are interested in is part of a developing area or nearer to it, the chances for higher rental returns as well as the benefits of capital appreciation will work in your favour.

  • Customisation at ease

Another significant criterion is the ability to modify your home to match with your aesthetic sense. Villas are more preferred in this aspect as you are at the liberty of entirely changing the outlook of your home. Apartments, on the other hand, have restrictions regarding the common area, garden etc., since the property is shared. You have the authority to make changes in your apartment although significant changes can invite problems that may affect the strength or value of the place.

  • Amenities

Buying a house is more bothersome than going on rent since you invest heavily into it. Make sure that you fully understand the facilities available at the place of interest. If it’s an apartment, you may have to look at common areas like the gym, swimming pool, etc. and enquire whether they are accessible to all in the building or have a separate membership. One of the advantages of apartments is a higher social life due to communities living close by, as well as the security of the same. Villas, on the other hand, can have amenities like swimming pools and manicured gardens attached, but you will have to take up the maintenance on your own. But there, you also steer the facilities to your taste and modify them with no hassle.

  • Maintenance

Villas, as expected, can be a bit on the heavier side in up-keep, as you have to bear the cost of all the work involved. Apartment complexes usually get the maintenance done on a cycle with a fixed fee collected at regular intervals for the same.

Once you get these questions tended to, and have your priorities sorted, your choice will be much more apparent. The bottom line is to understand the homes that you are interested in and match them with your requirements. In the end, always make your choice based on your own requirements, and not based on what is trending.

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