Find out why Kochi is a hotspot for apartment buyers!

Find out why Kochi is a hotspot for apartment buyers!
September 26, 2018 | Architecture

Kochi, the new born metro city has been a melting pot of cultures for over centuries. When its serene backwaters set the perfect backdrop for many ancient wonders, Kochi has always charmed travellers and residents alike with its ever evolving beauty. Over the past one decade, Kochi has seen an immense development in its real estate sector and most of it accounts to the growing demand for apartments in the heart of the city. From waterfront apartments in serene locales overlooking the spectacular backwaters to apartments in the most prime locations of the city, a new home in Kochi has become almost synonymous to owning a luxurious 3 BHK apartment or a cozy 2 BHK apartment in Kochi’s choicest locations.

But, there is much more than Kochi’s enthralling beauty that has made this city a hub of high rises and the first choice for buyers, who are looking to buy a dream apartment. Let’s find out why Kochi has taken a stop spot in every person’s bucket list, while buying a new home.

1. Home to a booming IT sector

Kochi is a city that is brimming with opportunities with its booming IT sector, which is one of the best in India. With many Multi-National Companies that have set base in Kochi, hundreds of people from different parts of the country flee to Kochi and settle down here every year. Apartments located near the Infopark and the Smart city project has been in high demand because of this. It has become a trend for people in the IT sector, who move into Kochi to own a 3 BHK apartment or to even share a 2 BHK apartment near their office premises.

2. The world at your feet

Kochi has everything that sets itself as one of the cities in the top league for development in India. The Kochi Metro, the most recent feather in Kochi’s cap has revolutionized public transport to a great extent in Kochi. Offering a wide range of super specialty hospitals and health care facilities, Kochi has always been ahead of its times in improving the quality of living of its people. Schools and reputed educational institutions that offer superior quality education are an assured advantage for people who decide to buy an apartment or home in Kochi.

While Kochi reveals one side of her story through old churches, beaches and spice markets, there is another side to her that lives up to every city-bred person’s lifestyle. With malls of international standards, hangout places, multiplex cinemas, world-class restaurants, hotels and recreational centres governing the other side, Kochi’s lifestyle offers a balance that people from other parts of the country crave for. These top-notch conveniences in Kochi make it one of the most desirable places to buy a dream apartment or home.

3. Beauty that’s one of a kind

Kochi holds an enchanting beauty of its own with its spectacular stretch of beaches, stunning backwaters and its ever green landscape. Kochi’s old part of the city still remains untouched by time, and is home to many ancient wonders including the Chinese fishing nets, churches and palaces of historical relevance. Breathing the rich culture and tradition of an eclectic past, Kochi city is extremely welcoming and will make any person feel at home. The city’s cultural significance and scenic beauty drives many people to own an apartment in the best locations in Kochi.

4. Affordable prices, quality living

Most of the apartments for sale in Kochi may come across as luxurious and unaffordable. But the truth is that Kochi has a range of apartments in the most prime locations which are available at budget friendly and affordable prices. It all comes down to associating with a trusted builder who provides a range of world-class amenities and superior quality homes that enhances the quality of your lifestyle.

Kochi, a place with an eclectic mix of cultures, is a dream city which offers its people, the best of all worlds. One of the best residential choices you could make here is undoubtedly, Kalyan Marvella. Located in the heart of the city, at one of the best residential locations– Giri Nagar, Kalyan Marvella offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments with world-class amenities. Located at close proximity to the Vytilla hub and the south railway station, travel is never an issue for the residents of Kalyan Marvella. Come buy an apartment in Kochi – one of Kerala’s most desirable cities.

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